About English Online California

Introducing English Online California

Welcome to English Online California, the website which puts the teacher at the heart of the classroom.

English Online California aims to be a source of online resources and networking for teachers of English in California. English Online California targets high school teachers providing exemplary teaching units and other materials for use in the classroom and for teacher reference.

English Online California is provided free for use in classrooms, subject to the the Terms and Conditions.

Who Produces English Online California?

English Online California was originally created by Unitec New Zealand and grew out of a professional development project funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education involving over 100 teachers of English. As part of the professional development, each teacher, in partnership with Unitec personnel, developed an online unit. Subsequently, units suitable for California secondary schools were selected and modified so that they were pedagogically and culturally appropriate. All units are based on the California English/Language Arts Content Standards and include rubrics to assess if students have met the standards addressed.

The site is now owned and operated by Dr Phil Coogan, supported by web developer Raewyn Hooper.