The Language of Conversation

A. Teaching Suggestions: Some Practical Ideas

Teachers are encouraged to explore with their pupils as many conversational situations as possible. Some suggestions are:

  1. conversations between relative strangers;

  2. conversations between friends;

  3. conversations involving the same person(s) in a variety of situations:
    Eg. pupil(s)
    • in the playground
    • in the classroom
    • with adults
    • at a party
    • at the family meal table;

  4. conversations between pupils with a language background other than English;

  5. telephone conversations (see Crystal and Davy pp. 116-121);

  6. compare the features of spontaneous conversation with the treatment of dialogue or spoken language in:
    • a radio play
    • a TV play
    • a traditional stage play, eg, Shaw
    • a drama of the absurd, eg, Ionesco, Beckett
    • a novel
    • a debate
    • an interview
    • a discussion.

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