I Beg to Differ: Debating


adjudicatorPerson who judges a debate.
affirmativeTeam that supports the moot.
after = becauseAn example of faulty logic.
attacking the person Criticizing the speaker instead of what they have said.
caseAll the points that support an argument.
chairpersonPerson who runs a meeting
circular argumentOne that fails to prove the point, but assumes that it is true instead.
define To explain the meaning of.
doubtful authority To support an argument by referring to a person who is not accepted as an expert, or a text not based on sufficient research.
emotional argument One based on feelings, not logic.
empathise/empathy: Understand and have feelings for (someone).
empty argumentAn argument that has no real reasons.
factsCan be proven true or false (opposite: opinions).
generalisationA statement about a group of people or objects that claims to be true for all of them.
gestureHand or arm movement to emphasise points in a speech.
interjection An interruption to a speech, commenting briefly on what the speaker is saying.
irrelevant conclusion An idea claimed, wrongly, to be proven by the arguments put forward.
limited example An example that applies in only a few situations, so cannot be a general argument.
logic Reasoned thinking in that cause and effect are clear.
mootThe topic of the debate, always expressed as "That ...".
mootThe topic to be debated.
negativeTeam that opposes the moot.
point of misrepresentationFormal claim that you did not say what another speaker says you did.
point of orderFormal claim that rules are not being followed.
procedureWay things are done.
propositionA claim that something is true; the topic of a debate.
rebuttalTo argue against the opponents' case.
refute To prove something is wrong (NB does not just mean 'disagree').
stanceThe way someone stands.
stating the obviousAn argument that claims something that everyone already knows.
summary/summariseWrite or say the main points of something; conclusion.
timekeeper Person who warns speakers in a debate, usually with a bell, that their time is nearly up, or is up; also records time for the adjudicator.